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Keystage 4 (Year 10 and 11 - GCSE)

For tuition with our early secondary school students, we cover the curriculum to make sure they know what they should know before taking on the challenges of GCSEs. For our GCSE  students, we are covering the content of their course and then using exam questions to reinforce their knowledge and teaching them exam technique (what they need to include in their answers in order to score full marks).

In fact, the ‘average hour’ our students receive is usually slightly longer than 60 minutes, to allow for to gain depth of the academic knowledge or advice-giving which is not directly related to subject content.

Revising tips:

  • Start revising early 

  • Don't spend ages making your notes look pretty

  • Set up a nice, tidy study space

  • Vary your revision with different activities

  • Stick revision notes all around your house

  • Sleep on your exam notes (optional)

  • Do lots of practice papers and questions

  • Set aside time to do fun things 

  • Keep your phone and other distractions away.

  • Sleep and eat properly

  • Don't hesitate to seek the necessary help


Our Tutoring sessions are:

  • individual online tutoring,

  • Get ahead, cover gaps in knowledge or get a head start for A-Level Maths,

  • proven to get results with 100% A* / A Grades (Grade 8s and 9s),

  • designed for the new 9 – 1 GCSE Maths course,

  • taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers,

  • completely tailored to your needs,

  • available online or in-person.

  • Frequent Test Papers with Exam-style questions.

  • Revision of Past papers.

  • inclusive of a report after each session.


Subjects we offer:

  • Maths

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • English.

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